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An Endless Cornish Summer

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Title: An Endless Cornish Summer

Author: Phillipa Ashley

Published: 24th June 2021

Genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Holiday, Fiction

Pages: 400

Start Date: 5th September 2022

Finish Date: 5th September 2022


Rose Vernon is headed to a quiet Cornish village to find the man who saved her life.

For Rose, every day is a gift. She narrowly survived a life-threatening illness and owes everything to her anonymous donor. Determined to thank him, Rose follows a trail of clues that lead her to the little Cornish fishing village of Falford.

But things become complicated when Rose is drawn into local life, becoming involved in the legendary Falford Regatta and meeting the handsome Morvah brothers, one of whom might just be the man she’s looking for. But which one?

Can Rose find the answer she’s searching for, or will she lose her heart before the summer is over?


This was a beautifully written book. The research that must have gone into every single subject must of been immense. Boat building, cornish myths, archeology, sailing and medicine. I certainly learnt a lot. Then to bring all of that into a plot line about friendship, family and love is amazing.

Rose is a character that has been through a lot and this is about her quest to say thanks to her donor for saving her life and giving her another chance, however it felt to me that throughout the book she was the one doing all the helping. She had such a positive attitude and really wanted to help people that every person she interacted with she had an impact on. Oriel is a fantastic character and I became really invested in her tours and rooting for her to beat Nigel at what ever game he was up to.

The friendship between Rose and Joey was really nice and I liked how she helped him examine his true self enabling him to be with Lauren and also build bridges with his brother Finn. Finn and Rose are drawn to each other right from the start and waited eagerly for them to get together, I think I was just as relived as they were in that moment when they finally voiced all their feelings.

I love these small town, romantic summer stories! There was a bit of a love triangle, there was boat making, a King Arthur dig, a fun astrology shop, storms, so much! I had so much fun in this book!

All the warm and fuzzy feels. This is a perfect sunny day with a cool glass of lemonade read. I really liked how well the characters were developed and the depths of the research into the archaeology was quite fascinating. There was also lots of research done into the boating lifestyle and for her disease.

This is an inspirational book which shows how important it is to live life to the full and make the most of any opportunities. Rose Vernon’s life was saved by a bone marrow donor and she has the possible chance to thank them when she goes to work as an archaeologist in Cornwall. She’s followed all the clues she can find and it seems the donor lives in the seaside village of Falford, not far from the dig she’ll be working on. She suspects he is one of the Morvah brothers, but is uncertain which oneAn unexpected encounter enables Rose to actually stay in the village where she makes new friends and becomes involved in the local community and events. Will she identify her donor? What other surprises will this summer bring?

What a delightful read this proved to be. It is a moving story, dealing beautifully with some sensitive issues. The amount of research the author must have done on so many different aspects is impressive and shows through so many of the engaging but informative scenarios in the story. It is a lovely story to escape into, one which is centred on a delightful, coastal community where the author’s love of all things Cornish shines through. There are so many great characters, including one to dislike and others who win you over. There’s historic finds, sailing, boatbuilding, tasty treats, a regatta and so much more in this story that leaves you with a huge smile on your face and happy memories of all that happens in it. I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending it and look forward to reading more by this skilled author in future.

I thought the occupations of the characters were very interesting. I know nothing about sailing, but have always thought it seemed like a great escape and it was a joy to experience it in this book. In addition, working as an Archaeologist is a career that I always thought would be so fulfilling. Therefore, to have these two occupations in this book was definitely a plus for me.

It was a delight to read the journey of the two main characters finding each other and building toward a life together. After both of them not thinking they had much to look forward to in the future, to them finding such a strong connection made me so happy for them. The secondary characters were much more than that. Each one made a contribution to the story, are fully developed, and I miss all of them and this quirky little village since finishing the book.

The themes of the book are being grateful, living your life to the fullest, and of course finding true love on the way.


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