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Blurry Little Lines

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Title: Blurry Little Lines

Author: Jenna Lockwood

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: 13th January 2023

Pages: 353

Start Date: 6th January 2023

Finish Date: 6th January 2023



Maybe it’s the childhood vow I made to my best friend’s sister as she sobbed in my arms, but I fell for Kelsie Wheaton at an age when girls supposedly had cooties.

Through the years, I’ve bitten my tongue over her life choices, because I’ve only ever wanted her to be happy. But acting as her PT while she blows off steam from her divorce means my thoughts on cardio are more explicit than her innocent mind can conjure.

And that’s complicated because a night with Kelsie could end my lifelong friendship with her brother if he finds out.

Fighting temptation alone is one thing, but when the fruit falls within my reach, how can I not devour it entirely?


Money’s never been able to buy me the things I want. My ex used my family’s name for his fame and ditched the life we created. So much for my dream life.

The only man who’s ever kept his promises to me has been by my side for decades and out of reach forever. An exhausted single mother is the exact opposite of every woman Max Dawson has ever brought to bed. So there’s no way I’ll be the next.

I've been telling myself I'm done with relationships anyway. But then one champagne-infused night has me questioning everything I thought I knew about my childhood best friend.

And I can’t lose him too. Not now, not ever.

Blurry Little Lines is book two in the Siblings of Heir series by Jenna Lockwood. A standalone filled with spice and angst, this dual POV delivers a sizzling HEA.


Blurry Little Lines is a story about Kelsie and their best friend Max. Kelsie is a single mom who is exhausted from working full-time and taking care of her kids. Even though she has the money to hire anyone to help her, she is hands-on with everything. While Max who emphasises that he doesn’t want to have his own family to avoid heartbreaks and disappointments (based on his own experience), gives a hand to Kelsie with the kids. Everyone seems to notice their chemistry and that they work perfectly together around the kids. Both Max and Kelsie don’t want to acknowledge it to preserve their friendship.

Like the first book, it brings out all emotions in me. It made me giggle and cover my mouth a lot (thanks to Mallory). Made me frustrated with Kelsie’s drama (understandable due to her past relationship). I was surprised (like the other characters in the story) by the unexpected turn of events where the seriousness of the story started.

I love how the author turns a simple romantic tale to have a deeper and more meaningful story. The challenges that Kelsie and Max faces does happen in real life. Their trauma due to their past relationship affects their views on their future relationship. But both of their past molded them to become the better version of themselves. This book shows different types of parenting, both the good ones and the bad ones, and the challenges, and trauma that come with it. It made me appreciate more what I have right now.

Max max max, There’s nothing better than a hot man who’s great with kids, am I right?! This was a great follow up to Jenna’s first novel. When I read “Never Till Now” I knew that Max had something special to show us, and he did not disappoint!

Kelsie is strong. She’s such a strong woman, someone I admire so much, and reading her journey of finding something that’s worth fighting for and opening her family up to was my favourite thing!

Can we talk about Mallory!! That kid is a whole mood and I am here for all of it! I loved how all of the characters throughout the story hold strong to who they are even with the crossover from book to book. Max and Kelsie made appearances in book one and it's nice to see how their characters really blossomed into their own story! I'd love to give spoilers but this book is a 5 star and I highly recommend you read both Never Til Now and Blurry Little Lines. I am so ready for the next book!


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