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Title: Collided

Author: Lauren Asher

Published: 13th May 2020

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance

Pages: 428

Start Date:11th July 2022

Finish Date: 13th July 2022


Sophie Mitchell

Liam is Formula 1's golden boy. But he's nothing but a fraud. Charming. Devious. Seductive. And someone who promises to fulfil all my naughty bucket list items.

I force him behind the safe lines of the friend zone. Instead of accepting our friendship, he strikes a deal. One season. One list. One dirty secret.

Liam Zander

Sophie is my most fantastic fantasy brought to life. And a significant threat to my contract renewal. She's a part of the rival team and someone I should resist at all costs. Everyone is against our friendship.

My boss. Her dad. Me. Yet, I'm captivated by her and the naughty list she created. Screw platonic; I want catastrophic.


Liam and Sophie! What can I say? They were so fun and adventurous. I adore this series and what it has to offer when it comes to travelling; I felt like I was stepping into the location the book was at.

I love that Liam and Sophie are so easygoing. Seeing Liam's journey made me love him more. Liam's reasoning for not wanting to commit made my heart break because no matter who you are, you deserve to be loved. Liam is the secret nerd athlete, who loves to read books, but he is a hot shot to everyone else. When he starts to show that side to Sophie, that is when their chemistry glows.

Sophie is kind and intelligent, but she has a wild side. Her 'f*ck it' list made her relationship with Liam much steamier. Each item they complete together brings them closer. The last part of the book made me an emotional wreck.

That love confession! The love confession was one of the best I have ever read. The ending made my heart melt. The extended epilogue is where we meet the children of Maya and Noah and Liam and Sophie. I would love to see a Dirty Air Kids Series; that would be so cool where we know how the kids feel about the parents parenting and their relationship with each other.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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