Concrete Jungle

Title: Concrete Jungle

Author: PJ Skinner

Published: 1st February 2020

Genres: Thriller, Adventure, Fiction

Pages: Start Date: 12th October 2022

Finish Date: 15th October


Armed with an MBA, geologist Sam Harris is storming the City But has she swapped one jungle for another?

Forging a new career was never going to be easy, and Sam Harris soon discovers she has not escaped from the culture of misogyny and corruption that blighted her field career. Her heroic past is revealed at a mining drinks party, and she finally achieves the acceptance she has always craved. But being one of the boys is not the panacea she expected. When her due diligence uncovers a scam, she is presented with the stark choice of compromising her principles to keep her new position or exposing the truth behind the façade.

Will she finally get what she wants or was it all a mirage?

Concrete Jungle is the final book of the Sam Harris Adventures and completes the saga. It is not a standalone as it incorporates threads from all the other books. If you like strong female protagonists, international adventure and financial thrillers, and have followed the series, you’ll love Sam's final hurrah.


I received a free copy of this book courtesy of Love Book Tours, I have not read any of the previous books, but I will definitely be getting them as soon as I can!

This is the final book in the series about a female geologist: Sam Harris in the 80s who because of her job ends up in the African or South American continents. By virtue of being a female, she also has taken jobs that others have rejected or are of a lower pay grade than what a male geologist of her experience would normally accept. After some rather harrowing experiences in books 1 to 6, Sam has opted to further her abilities by taking a business university course which she has just completed; however, the business mining world is not wanting to hire an older new female graduate and she accepts a job in a company that is financially struggling.

This company has links to supposedly reputable business people of the moneyed British classes. So when Sam starts using her past geological experience with her business acumen to see if mining deals in South America and Africa are worth investing in for the brokerage company that has hired her, she uncovers various nefarious deals. The company that has hired her has a scrupulous boss yet her male colleague who is linked to the dubious deals (they are looking into) by his father who owns the offices that the company is based in, is constantly threatening Sam.

Sam gets into some rather scary but all too true situations in Africa from which she flees and upon her returning to London her business skills and contacts in the press help her unravel the financial crimes of the aristocratic British and African thugs.


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