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Damaged Mate

Title: Damaged Mate

Author: Nikita Slater

Published: 16th September 2022

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Fiction

Pages: 349

Start Date: 29th September 2022

Finish Date:1st October 2022


Brutalised by a false mate.

The day my human self died in a watery grave, my inner wolf took over to protect me. For two hundred years, I lived, hunted, and survived as a lone wolf. Then a voice spoke to me through the wildness in my head, calling me to him. A voice I can’t deny. The voice of my true mate.

He wants to claim me in the way of our traditions, but I fear him. I was claimed once before by a false mate, and it led to centuries of pain and suffering. I can’t trust this new mate or the modern world he wants me to live in. So I’ll hide behind the protection of my wolf, biding my time until I can escape.

Exiled from my homeland.

I felt the moment my mate died, like my soul was torn from my body. So when I find her on my doorstep two hundred years later, looking up at me from the crystal blue gaze of her snowy wolf, I’m both shocked and elated. I want to claim my mate, but first I must coax her into turning human again, then heal the trauma that makes her fear me.

When I’ve made her mine, I will hunt down the shifter who dared to claim my mate and I will make him pay for every second of her suffering. Then I will return to my people and claim my position as their alpha.


I was asked to read this by my best friend, and I am so glad she asked me to! From my understanding, this is the first time Nikita Slater attempted this genre and my god it is amazing. We meet one of the five brothers.

This was a welcome dip into the Shifter world by author Nikita Slater. I enjoy the Shifter trope so seeing a one-click author of mine try her hand at fated mates has opened up a brand new series set in a world where humans know Shifters exist.

The series is based around five brothers, with this one focussing on Lock, the well-accomplished General who help protect his species when humans attacked Shifters centuries ago in a war. When his brother, the popularly anointed king, slowly declines into self-importance and then madness after a witch, also his fated mate, disappeared after casting a spell on him and his siblings, Lock turns his back on family, friends and home, choosing instead to live a quiet and peaceful life of solitude. Having felt his fated mate die by their magical connection before he'd ever met her, he's resolved to life alone until a damaged wolf crashes into his world and shakes it to its core. Traumatised and unable to shift into human form after centuries as a wolf, Sarina has lost her former self to her animal after the king tried to force her into submission to marry and mate him. When she meets Lock, their souls intertwine as fate takes the lead, resulting in their lives changing forever.

As you'd expect from this author, the world-building was solid. As this is Book 1 in the Immortal Wolf Shifters, the first few chapters push through the premise of the series and give the reader a run-down on wolf-human politics and the history of the five brothers that make up the alphas of the pack the books are based around. The world is one where Shifters and humans have a tenuous relationship. Having fought in a violent and bloody war centuries ago, they've reached a semblance of peace as they co-exist together, following the rules set by the treaty they both agreed to. Lock was your typical alpha wolf: growly, dominant, extremely jealous and possessive. He was kind to Sarina, however, which made him likeable. Readers that enjoy a heroine more on the innocent/naïve side will like Sarina. Due to being stuck in her wolf form for so long, she's forgotten her human past so everything is new and has to be relearnt, giving her an almost child-like wonderment of things at times.

The story, as well as the series, sets itself around fated mates, my preferred trope in the Shifter world. There was a lot of emphasis on how damaged Sarina was but this eased off a bit as the story went on. There was plenty of steam that burned up the pages and will keep readers happy. Overall it was an enjoyable read and I'll definitely be continuing with the series. Oh, and I loved the cover - it's gorgeous!

Lock is the head of the military forces for his brother, who is king and slowly devolving and changing. His brother is literally dubbed the Lunatic King. Due to some seriously egregious choices, the king has made in regards to his fated mate who happens to be a witch, the entire family is cursed. Lock leaves, partly because he knows that if he stays he will have to stand against his brother, and partly to find his own fated mate.

Years later, he finds his fated mate, Sarina, in his own backyard. Sarina, herself a shifter, is in wolf form and has been for so long that she no longer remembers being human. The trauma that caused this stems from the king being convinced that she is his mate and ruthlessly attempting to make her bend or else. Lock takes in this feral creature and the scenes between them are both hilarious and heartbreaking because he wants so desperately to be with his mate, and she just wants to be free as any wild animal does.

Watching the progression of her healing and overcoming the trauma that caused the initial schism was rewarding as you see the relationship grow and face setbacks.

There is a ton of action as the king finds out that Sarina is alive, still convinced that she is his. There is court intrigue. There is betrayal. There is confrontation. There is a lot. I am honestly really intrigued by finding out more about the brothers and seeing how the series develops.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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