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Heir of Fire

Title: Heir of Fire

Author: Sarah J.Maas

Published: 2nd September 2014

Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 562 Start Date: 11th August 2022 Finish Date: 13th August 2022


Celaena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak-but at an unspeakable cost. Now, she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth, a truth about her heritage that could change her life and her future forever. Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. Will Celaena find the strength to not only fight her inner demons but to take on the evil that is about to be unleashed?


I thought I knew Celaena from the first three books but I was so wrong. In Heir of Fire we see Celaena more broken, relentlessly blaming herself for the deaths and the fates of her loved ones. Celaena takes down her shields leaving nothing behind to shield her emptiness threatening to shatter herself from the inside out. I believe this was her turning point, the true crossroad in her life that made her embrace all her pain, her regret and her self-loathing that she kept carefully hidden inside her soul, etched into her gruesome memories.

We finally get to see what makes Celaena Sardothien, Celaena Sardothien. We see how she was formed and how her life changed forever on that fateful night ten years ago. By facing that darkness and sorrow, she makes a stand. She is slowly becoming a queen, a queen more powerful and deadlier than you can imagine.

I love how Sarah J.Maas developed Celaena's character; it is just phenomenal. Through her new experiences she is stronger, she is wiser and she is more determined than ever. Her fierceness was just awe-inspiring, and I love that she is still the same stubborn, snarky and brave young woman that we met back in Assassin's Blade. She is not proud for who she has become, for abandoning her kingdom, for not fighting to rebuild her kingdom over the last years, but she is ready to throw herself into battle to win back her kingdom and land. It is an understatement to say she is a badass.

In Heir of Fire, we meet Rowan, a Fae Prince and definitely my favourite new addition to the series. He helps Celaena make the transition to Assassin to Queen not that he is so eager to help in the beginning, but in order to get the answers about the Wyrdkeys and how to destroy them, she has to be worthy of entering Doranelle. Doranelle is the land where Queen Maeve awaits her to answer her questions. When we first meet Rowan he is infuriatingly patient and stubborn, he is broody and secretive, but when he starts to open up. When he laughs, when he smiles, you need to pick me up off of the floor, I melted.

Rowan is an alpha male in all his glory, with the kickass moves that would bring Celaena's to shame. Rowan is scary and intense, he is protective and defying, he is caring but lethal when it comes to his enemies. He is the no-nonsense kind of guy, and he is someone who will not put up with Celaena's nonsense and I was here for that! Someone to put Celaena in her place. She throws a verbal punch, he throws one that will leave her with a black eye for a week. Then they develop a friendship and something so important on an intimate level that it will warm your heart. Our girl Celaena finally has someone she can fully lean on, she can trust Rowan. No secrets, no barriers, no judging between each other. They would die for each other, kill for each other and fight for each other. When they work as a team, they are terrifying and astounding.

Dorian Hallivard is the same swoon-worthy sentimental, humble yet still arrogant young prince. He will capture your heart regardless of what 'team' you are on because in the end, he stands up to his father in the most glorious way. He is more mature, weary of everyone and everything and you can see him becoming a true worthy kind right before your eyes. A lot of heartbreak and despair were in store for Dorian. As well to his amazing character development Dorian is moving on from Celaena. It was nice to see Dorian have a bit of happiness and to see him have support to fight his growing magic, loneliness and his worries. The one thing I did not like was Chaol Westfall abandoned his best friend when he needed him the most.

Dedicated, loyal and selfless Chaol was unable to make up his mind! I found myself wanting to scream at him. I felt irritated with him throughout the whole book until the very end when he finally came to his senses. In the aftermath of Crown of Midnight, Chaol's friendship with Dorian is left in shambles and it doesn't get any better in Heir of Fire. They grow estranged, but I will give it to Chaol that he only has Dorian's safety and freedom in his best interest. But keeping secrets, judging and not accepting Dorian and Celaena's powers, makes me wonder if Chaol has any shots left when it comes to Celaena's heart. Because even though Celaena may have chosen him, Aelin may not.

Another new addition is Aedion Ashryver, Aelin's cousin and childhood best friend. He is all deadly smiles, muscles and wild behaviour. Aedion is daring, he is clever and he does not give a damn about anyone but himself. He is dead set on taking down the King of Adarlan from the inside. When he finds out Aelin is still alive, he makes it clear that he would move mountains in order to see his true queen back in Terrasen. He is loyal, he is determined, he is skilled and I hope he reunites with Aelin sooner rather than later.

Another new addition is Manon Blackbeak, she is the heir of the Blackbeak coven of the Ironteeth witches and the leader of the Thirteen. The witches play a big role in the King's newest and darkest plans by being the riders of the wyverns he has created and Manon wants more than anything to lead them into battle as Wing Leader. Manon wants to prove herself. She is by no means a villain, she is just a different kind of heroine. She is firm and unyielding, she has great ambition. Her encounters and silent dialogues with Abraxos made me laugh because in that moments you could glimpse how Manon starts believing there is a chance she has a heart and soul and that her grandmother's rules might not be the best to follow.

The atmosphere is darker and the pace is thrillingly allowing you to breathe for a little bit before the epic battle starts. Once again Sarah J.Maas brings it with the world-building. We were able to see Wendlyn, Doranelle, the Ferian Gap and more of Adarlan. We learn about the past, we meet Queen Maeve, we run from terrifying creatures and we accompany Aelin as she masters her powers. Unlike its predecessors, there is not a lot of romance in the air, besides Dorian's storyline. In this book, I found it really hard to work out who Aelin will end up with.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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