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Home Sweet Christmas

Title: Home Sweet Christmas

Author: Susan Gallery

Published: 13th October 2022

Genres: Holiday, Christmas, Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Romance


Start Date: 9th October 2022

Finish Date: 11th October 2022


With twinkling humour and heartfelt Christmas spirit, two friends find love in a town called Wishing Tree.

Until Camryn Neff can return to her “real” life in Chicago, she’s in Wishing Tree to care for her twin sisters. She’s not looking for forever love, not here. But handsome hotelier Jake Crane is a temptation she can’t resist, so she suggests they pair up for the season. No golden rings, no broken hearts. At his side, she sees her hometown through Christmas-colored eyes. The cheer is cheerier, the joy more joyful. She thought she had put her future on hold…but maybe her real life was here all along, waiting for her to come home.

New in town, River Best is charmed by Wishing Tree’s homespun traditions and warmhearted people. When she’s crowned Snow Queen, she’s honoured but wary. Dylan Tucker, her king, seems like the stuff of sugarplum dreams, but she can’t shake the feeling that he’s hiding something big. As they perform their “royal” duties—tasting cookies, and lighting trees—Dylan’s good humour and melty kisses draw her to the brink of love. But she can’t let herself fall until she uncovers his secret, even if her lack of faith means losing him forever.


Susan Mallery shines as bright as a Christmas tree in this book! I honestly just loved it! The story begins with Camryn being interviewed to be a part of Project: Jake's Bride and I were instantly laughing at Helen's character. Speaking of Helen, I just adored her! Now, Helen is going to be one of those characters that you either love or you don't but I just wanted to have hot chocolate with her and chat. She's been through a lot and her son Jake is her number one priority.

Home Sweet Christmas is the tale of two budding romances, one questionable, but loving mother, and a tiny dog named Tinsel. You just can't get better than that. The town of Wishing Tree has my vote any day!

Camryn Neff had to give up her life in Chicago to come home to Wishing Tree to raise her 15-year-old twin sisters, Lily and Victoria, and run the family wrapping paper business when her mother died, and she only plans on staying as long as it takes for the twins to graduate from high school and go off to college. Needless to say, romance is off the table, as is anything that could keep her from moving on when the time comes for her to resume her life in Chicago. River Best is an introvert who is new in town and who is surprised when she makes some good friends who are determined to bring her out of her shell. Jake Crane is a rich hotelier who has come close to marrying before, but always manages to screw it up (his words, not mine), And last but not least, we have Dylan Tucker, Jake's best friend, who is also from Wishing Tree, who runs a successful woodworking business, and is keeping a pretty big secret from the whole town.

My favourite thing about this book is the setting, Wishing Tree, Washington. I mean, who doesn't love a town where the street names include West Mistletoe Way, Jolly Way, and Mittens Avenue, and where the shops around The Wreath ("Wishing Tree's answer to the traditional town square) include Blitzen's Pub, Long John's Pyjama Shop, and The Egg Nog!

The pages of Home Sweet Christmas will bring smiles, laughs and swoons! Its endearing characters will swoop in and dazzle you with their charming personalities and have you never wanting to part with them. This little town is quite welcoming, with its quirky and sweet residents, small-town feel, and of course Christmas magic. I loved what I found waiting for me between the pages here, its words warmed my heart and its characters made me feel right at home! Highly recommend!!


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