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Midnight Sun

Title: Midnight Sun

Author: Stephanie Meyers

Published: 4th August 2020

Genre: Romance, Fantasy Fiction, Young Adult

Number of Pages: 658

Start Date: 21st February 2022

Finish Date: 3rd March 2022


Midnight Sun, is the book Twilight written completely in the perspective of Edward Cullen.

This unforgettable tale as told through Edward's eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edward's past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the defining struggle of his life. How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into danger?

In Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer transports us back to a world that has captivated millions of readers and brings us an epic novel about the profound pleasures and devastating consequences of immortal love.


After reading this I will not lie I am slightly disappointed only because I was expecting to read Edward’s perspective through all four of the books, not just Twilight.

I found it really intriguing to find out the thoughts of Edward’s family, especially Rosalie’s (Her reactions were what I expected and wanted!) I do not think this book made Edward’s actions less arrogant or creepy, in a way it made it 10 times worse, especially when he was talking about how he could kill Bella.

I think this book is not for everyone; I personally did not enjoy it as much as the other books but I am glad that I have read it.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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