Never Till Now

Title: Never Till Now

Author: Jenna Lockwood

Genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance

Published: 2nd September 2022

Pages: 321 Pages

Start Date: 24th August 2022

Finish Date: 24th August 2022


If there are no strings attached, why is it so hard to let go?


The Wheaton family name is famous for their luxury hotels, so that must make me the playboy heir, right? Well, turns out that’s the easiest role for me to play. After all, most women only want my name for their bank account, so these days “casual” is my middle name. Problem is, these feelings are getting out of hand. It’s not just that Lauren plays hard to get it’s that she knows how to handle herself. She’s independent to a fault. And it’s driving me crazy, because I don’t need a girl like that, but I think I might want her.


I learned long ago that feelings hurt, so I found a way to turn them off. It’s not a bad thing, particularly when I’m about to start work in the busiest ER in San Francisco. Problem is, six foot three of rippling muscle and a sinful smirk is threatening to flip a switch I thought I’d destroyed. Obligation is not what I need right now, though Adam promises me he’s only got one “O” word on his mind. But as soon as he’s on my skin he’s under it and as the feeling floods back into my body, so does the past I’ve tried so hard to outrun. I don’t want Adam Wheaton. But I might just need him


I had the honour of receiving an advanced reader's copy of this so I could write a honest review and it was most certainly worth the wait. Adam and Lauren are the two main characters that the story follows and they each have their own background that makes them who they are.

When I got told this was a billionaire trope story I automatically assumed it is going to be that spoilt bratty individual with a silver spoon in his mouth, boy was I wrong! Adam does not particularly like the idea of working for his family business, he is not interested in the money he wants a normal quiet life. We meet his sassy, witty niece Mallory who I absolutely adored, I can imagine her not liking anyone else that was with Adam before Lauren, but Lauren made Mallory feel welcomed even when she appeared at the most inconvenienced of times. Before meeting Lauren he was not interested in having a relationship.

Lauren, she moves to San Francisco from San Diego to find out who she is. She never knew her birth mother, she has been in the foster system for her whole life. Luckily, she found Lloyd and his wife Marsha who allowed her to stay even when they did not have to. Lauren has her trauma that she has to work through and she is determined to do it on her own. She does not want to rely on anyone, especially not a man. But that changes when her and Adam decided to become friends with benefits or should I say acquaintances with benefits as Lauren does not like to get too attached.

It was lovely to see a book where the man falls in love first, this book had me laughing and it had me sobbing. Another character that I absolutely loved and believe deserves a mention is Adam's father George, he knew what was going on long before Adam and Lauren admitted it themselves.

I highly recommend this book, it will be a series of three books with the second book following Kelsie and Max, who we saw glimpses off in the book. (Don't think Adam will be too happy) and the last book following the youngest of the three Emmett. Jenna's writing is phenomenal and those spicy scenes left me gasping for more, she had the right amount of detail and I am going to find the wait for the next book antagonising.



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