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Title: Redeemed

Author: Lauren Asher

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Pages: 480

Start Date: 16th July 2022

Finish Date: 16th July 2022


Santiago Alatorre

One mistake destroys my career. I go from most eligible bachelor to monster, hiding from the world. At least until Chloe breaks into my home. My new fake girlfriend is a temporary fix to my biggest problem.

But as our game changes, so do my feelings. There’s only one issue stopping me from claiming her. Me.

Chloe Carter

It all started with a birthday wish, some vodka, and an ancestry kit. That’s how I end up in Italy, finding my long-lost father. But one decision lands me a fake boyfriend I don’t want. The more we pretend, the easier our ruse becomes. I told myself not to fall in love with a liar like Santiago. I should have listened.


The Dirty Air Series is over, and I am not ready! I want a Dirty Air Kids Series! I am not prepared to say goodbye to all these fantastic characters.

This book had me sobbing at the start and the end. Santi was a tortured soul that went through a horrible trauma, but then he met Chloe.

Chloe, I mean, she was just amazing. How she survived her childhood and moved forward, she did not let it ruin her life, and she is so inspiring. Add a heart of gold, small criminal activity, and sass with a smart mouth. You have the perfect heroine.

I love how Lauren Asher authentically navigated Santi’s physical and mental journey to recovery. I did worry about Santi becoming heavily dependent on Chloe; Lauren Asher emphasised how Santi’s road to recovery, while heavily influenced by Chloe, is for himself.

Chloe was there for Santi in a way no one else could be there for him. She broke down his barriers and guided him on his road to recovery.

I love how Lauren first introduced us to Santi in the first book with his sister Maya but made us wait for the last book to find out how is life planned out.

The story is different to what we so far got, and I am blown away by Lauren Asher’s imagination! She has done a fantastic job of delivering yet another plot. I also loved Noah in this story; the way he was so eager to get Santi racing again; he made it possible by putting the work in.


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