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Terms and Conditions

Title: Terms and Conditions

Author: Lauren Asher

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Published: 24th February 2022

Pages: 477

Start Date: 27th June 2022

Finish Date: 29th June 2022



I am destined to become the next CEO of my family's media empire. The only problem? My grandfather's inheritance clause. Fulfilling his dying wish of getting married and having an heir seemed impossible until my assistant volunteered for the job. Our marriage was supposed to be the perfect solution to my biggest problem. But the more we act in love with the public, the more unsure I feel about our contract. Caring about Iris was never part of the deal. Especially not when breaking her heart is inevitable.


My plan to marry Declan was simple in theory. Move-in together. Throw a wedding. Have a baby. We set rules to prevent any issues. No matter how much Declan tempts me, ones that were never meant to be broken. But what happens when our fake relationship bleeds into our real one? Falling in love was never an option. At least not for me.


Lauren Asher truly knows how to write the grumpy/sunshine trope. This book had me feeling a whirlwind of emotions; I honestly could not stop my feelings. I shed tears with Iris, got annoyed with Declan and felt joy when they finally said I love you. This book became my addiction every second, I could not read it, and I felt withdrawal symptoms.

Terms and Conditions, It was everything I wanted and more. Iris and Declan have left a mark in my book-loving heart. The more I read Lauren Asher's work, the better it gets, and every time she takes you on an unforgettable ride. My love for Lauren Asher's books and characters blossoms like the vines of one of Iris' plants.

Iris deserves the world and nothing less, I was more head over heels for Iris than for Declan. She is funny, intelligent and overall a well-rounded character. I felt like I related to Iris quite a lot. I try to hide my deafness as much as possible unless I need to say anything, so I truly understand why she hid her dyslexia. She is an inspiration to all. Life has thrown a lot at Iris, but she prevails like a strong woman. She is one of the most vigorous and determined people I know. Lauren Asher has made a relatable character, and we need more books with representations like this.

Declan, I have been interested in the eldest Kane Brother since day one, and he does not disappoint. He is now one of my book boyfriends! He is sexy, grumpy, and oozes power and loves intensely. We see a glimpse of Declan's past, and I am not a fan of Seth Kane, not that I was before this book. Declan started the book with his primary goal of becoming CEO of Dreamland. He marries Iris at first to get his inheritance, but as he goes on the wild journey of marriage, he realises there is more to life than he wants.

Cal! I have not even seen all of Cal yet, but his friendship with Iris is everything! The way he will protect her even from his possessive older brother.

Lauren Asher knows how to add an extra level to something, the way she had Declan grovelling without spoiling it was amazing; I was giggling the whole time reading it. We have appearances from Rowan and Zahra; I genuinely believe Zahra and Iris will have the best sister-in-law relationship ever; we saw a glimpse of just the beginning, so hoping we see more of this in Cal's book.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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