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The Assassin’s Blade

Title: The Assassin’s Blade

Author: Sarah J Maas

Published: 4th March 2014

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 435

Start Date: 5th August 2022

Finish Date: 7th August 2022


The twist of a knife, the birth of a legend. Celaena Sardothien owes her reputation to Arobynn Hamel. He gave her a home at the Assassins’ Guild and taught her the skills she needed to survive.

Arobynn’s enemies stretch far and wide, from Adarlan’s rooftops and its filthy dens to remote islands and hostile deserts. Celaena is duty-bound to hunt them down. But behind her assignments lies a dark truth that will seal her fate, and cut her heart in two forever.


This is a set of novella set before the series of Throne of Glass. There are five different novellas and l will talk about each one individually.

Taking place during Celaena's years as an elite assassin working for her master, Arobynn, this group of prequels shed a lot of light on why Celaena is the way she is and who we meet in the Throne of Glass. It explains why she does not want to be entangled in a relationship. Her story is absolutely heartbreaking.

Celaena spends her time trying to run from her past that haunts her, whilst simultaneously trying to gain the love and approval she lost when her parents were brutally murdered. Yet, despite her desperate need to feel loved, she is uncompromising in her values and sense of morality.

I think it is fitting that her steely resolve is what ends up being her downfall. When she goes against her master, refusing to participate in his slave trade dealings, she sets off a chain of events that will bring her to her knees. Her brave actions may have solidified her unlikely alliance with Sam; but those same actions sealed her fate. By the time, this chapter of her story unfolds she will have lost the man she loved and her freedom.

I decided to read this before reading Throne of Glass as it was the prequel but I did not expect that! This is the first book I have ever read by Sarah J.Maas and I am so confused on why I did not read these sooner. I highly recommend you read this before reading Throne of Glass and I definitely recommend this series already!



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