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The Inn on Harmony Island

Title: The Inn on Harmony Island

Author: Anne-Marie Meyer

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction

Published: 25th June 2022

Pages: 290

Start Date: 4th July 2022

Finish Date: 5th July 2022


It is when Harmony Island has been waiting for the reading of Charlotte Cane's Will and Testament.

After Shelby returned to her small hometown six months ago to attend her estranged grandmother's funeral, she swore she would never go back. Until she gets a phone call from her grandmother's solicitor calls her. Suppose Shelby does not return to Harmony Island and fulfil her grandmother's requirements. Harmony Inn, which has been in their family for generations, will be sold to the state to the highest bidder. To her grandmother's rival and the mother of the man who broke her heart. Missy Willis.

Unsure she was strong enough to return home, Shelby packed her bags, determined not to let Missy Willis win. She is determined to stay distant in the small cottage next to the inn and keep her head down but in a small town where everyone knows your name, that soon becomes difficult. Soon, Shelby's past catches up with her, and she has to deal with the history she has buried for so long. Just as she starts to reach her breaking point, single dad and teen enemy Miles swoops into her life to rescue her.


I found The Inn on Harmony Island via Anne-Marie Meyer's TikTok, and to be honest, I thought it was going to be a typical cliche romance, but oh my god, it was so good. I adore The Inn on Harmony Island. I especially loved that Anne-Marie Meyer decided to write the book from three different perspectives. I would have loved to see more of Abigal's story and see her and Shelby's friendship develop.

It was charming to have a single dad shown within a story; he isn't looking for a replacement mum. Miles is so sweet with his daughter; his love for her is vivid throughout the story. I also admire Miles; even though he loves Shelby with all his heart, he is willing to wait for her. Shelby and Miles have a history, and Miles is Shelby's ex-stepbrother. Shelby blames Miles for losing her love. Will Shelby forgive him?

I will be candid with you guys; even though I did love the book and will be buying the next one, I felt the story was just getting started when it got left on a cliffhanger. I screamed at how it ended, and the next book is not released until May next year. I feel like we were starting to see who Miles, Shelby and Abigail are; their backstories were beginning to come out, as well as their developed relationships. Shelby was starting to acknowledge her past. Now I have to wait a whole year to find out what happens.

I would recommend this book, but I would wait until The Shop Around the Corner comes out next May.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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