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Title: Wrecked

Author: Lauren Asher

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Pages: 440

Start Date: 15th July 2022

Finish Date: 16th July 2022



Pills. Alcohol. Adrenaline. Iโ€™m addicted to destructive decisions that numb my pain one night when I make a catastrophic mistake.

To repair my broken reputation, my team hires Elena. An overpaid babysitter set on ruining my plans. She's my damnation disguised as my salvation. And my newest addiction.


I begged the universe to save me from my financial disaster. It answered my call with a Formula 1 team desperate for a PR miracle. One season. One job. One broody British racer. Except that Jax turns our hotel room into a battleground. To beat the enemy, I need to find his weaknesses. What I learn threatens to ruin everything. Him. Me. Us. Love is a warzone, and neither one of us plans to surrender.


I believe the title is Wrecked because it wrecked me. Lauren Asher wrote not just a gut-wrenching book but a witty, emotional and gut-wrenching book.

I was not ready to see the sensitive side of Jax. He is still the self-destructing, partying playboy, but now we know why he is the way he is.

Elena is such a strong character yet so broken on the inside. I was crying reading Elenaโ€™s backstory; she still has demons 11 years later, but who wouldnโ€™t. She is such an inspiration, and I am in awe of how she handles every situation.

These two touched me, and I loved their story. You will fall in love with Jax, even more when you see behind the partying exterior and what he is hiding from the world. Elena was the calm to Jaxโ€™s storm.

Jax did not make it easy on Elena, it was hard for him to open up to the friendship, and it was much harder for him to share his secrets and problems. But then, bit by bit, Elena helped Jax see all the possibilities he had in front of him. Their pain was so real, and I felt it through the pages.

Lauren Asher is truly a fantastic writer, the way she wrote this story authentically, especially when it came to Jaxโ€™s mum. You can tell how much research Lauren Asher has put into writing something relatable, like illness and mental health.

Rating: โญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธโญ๏ธ

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