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Picture of Georgia, it is a close-up picture. She has blue eyes and red hair in curls.

About me

Hello! My name is Georgia or as I like being called Gigi, I am 23 years old and a mother of 2  based in Kent.  I started reading properly when I started primary school at the age of 5, and I very quickly progressed with my reading. I am partially deaf; with reading I learnt how to speak in a way as I started off reading out loud now I love learning new words, what they mean and how to pronounce them.

I suffer from depression and anxiety; anxiety I have had all my life but depression since I was 16. There are times I find it difficult to pick up a book due to my lack of focus but when I find a book that allows me to escape from reality I never want to put it down. My mental health is constantly up and down, but I push through it and work closely with my support network. 

I have made it my New Year's Resolution to read 50 books by the end of the year. Writing is a passion of mine so I decided to create this blog so I could share my book reviews, poems and any writing I feel comfortable to share.

I always love to chat about books so I am eager to hear from my fellow book lovers!

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